Written by Wangeci Kanyeki

On Father’s Day celebrated globally on the third Sunday of June, iPay joins the global celebration of fatherhood by doing an activation for people to submit their craziest stories of their dads on our social media pages.

iPay merchants also joined the celebration by offering Happy Father’s Day offers, so look out for the best offer to let your father know that you love and appreciate them.

We believe that good fatherhood builds confident families which generates strong pillars of society.

Fathers are encouraged to be:

  • Present: – Available to their families for companionship, building memories for their families and being physically and emotionally present for each member of the family.
  • Provide: – A father should provide financial support, counsel, and guidance to his family.
  • Protect: – A father does all they can to keep their families safely protected.

If you know a father or a father figure, who exhibits these characters, we encourage that you express your appreciation for all they have done.  It is tough being a father because it is a lifetime of responsibility and a role that will show courage even in uncertain times. Check out some gift ideas for your fathers and show some appreciation for our dads from these stores…

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Celebrate your father with a bottle or two of some crisp wine from the Wine Box.

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#Happy Father’s Day.

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