Are you looking for a simple way to have your clients pay for your goods and services online? Perhaps you just want to add alternative payment options to your website or mobile app that make use of mobile money and debit cards as well? How can I integrate iPay into the websites I develop for my clients?


  • We have a simple easy to use API that you can use. Click on the button here below:

iPay Developers API


How secure is it?

  • iPay rides on the mobile money, Kenswitch and Credit card payment systems to authenticate user transactions originating from your website.
  • iPay uses end-to-end SSL + HTTPS encryption to authenticate transactions originating from the merchant web site
  • iPay is safe. We maintain a backed up record of all merchants’ financial and contact information regarding all transactions on their websites.
  • iPay does NOT store card transaction details at any point before, during or after a transaction.
  • There are no limits to the amounts of cash you can receive in a given trading period
iPay Developers API