What iPay BulkPay can do for you

  • Conveniently and cheaply send payments to your target: - Suppliers - Employees.
  • Pay directly to their mobile wallets on M-Pesa, Airtel money, eLipa Wallet.
  • Manage outgoing payments and control approvals of all payments
  • Generate reports regarding all paymemts
  • Easily Re-queue unsuccessful payments
  • Notifications on all succesful payments
  • Generate reports regarding all paymemts
  • Easily fund your iPay Bulk Pay account using iPay
  • Online, RTGS, EFT, Cash Deposit
  • Instant access to your funds for disbursement

OK… I get it, then after this, do you charge me for anything else?Just for you

iPay is safe. We maintain a backed up record of all merchants’ financial and contact information regarding all transactions on their websites We do NOT store card transaction details at any point before, during or after a transaction. There are no limits to the amounts of cash you can receive from your clients in any given trading period

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